Eyestyles Eye Examination

Regular eye exams are about more than just helping you see. There about helping you see life at it’s best. An eye exam can:

* ensure your prescription is up-to date.


* Monitor early signs of eye disease including: glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration


* Help relate other health related conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure

Dr. Davis, OD is our Independent Doctor of Optometry on premises for complete eye examinations (for glasses and contacts) as well as treatments for Eye Diseases. At Eyestyles, we don’t just want you to see. We want you to see more!

Summer Store Hours:

Monday: 10-4 PM
Tuesday: 12-6 PM
Wednesday: 10-8 PM
Thursday: 11-6 PM
Friday: 10-2 PM
Saturday: 10-3 PM {alternating, please call for our saturday schedule}

(732) 750-0800


Eyestyles has hundreds of products to suit your lifestyle. We offer the latest designer and brand name frames, the most current in prescription lens technology and popular sunglass brands. We have the contacts you are looking for, including disposable, colored and progressives, and accessories to help you keep them looking and feeling great.

Whether your personal style is trendy or traditional, casual, artsy, or formal, you’re sure to find a look to suit your individuality at Eyestyles. An Optician expert can help you decide which choices will work best for you!